The KVJINC PR Services

KVJINC, a full service public relations firm, is up to the challenge. We specialize in different forms of Public Relations including corporate, small business, sports and entertainment. Our services include:


Public Relations- We will create a strategic campaign that has ongoing activities to ensure the overall company/organization has a strong public image by using press releases, press conferences, press kits, newsletters, etc. The Public relations plan will include activities that will help the public to understand the company/organization and its products/services.

Community Relations- We will design various methods (Professional organizations, charities, charity research, etc) for your company to use to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which they operate.

Media Buying- TV, radio, magazines, specially selected national, regional and/or negotiates media buys (paid ad placement), social media and other forms of electronic media.

Media Relations - We create a strategic plan of how to tell your story to the media Change Media Relations/Media Buying to Media Buying.

Crisis Communication- We will design a plan to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to it reputation. These challenges may come in the form of an investigation from a government agency, a criminal allegation, a media inquiry, a shareholders lawsuit, a violation of environmental regulations, or any of a number of other scenarios involving the legal, ethical, or financial standing of the entity.

Event Planning- Create, plan and execute productions that bring awareness to your business/organization to consumers of your target market. These things include, but not limited to, special events, fundraisers, premiers, product launches, etc. We negotiate contracts with vendors and manage the event budget.  

Sponsorship Procurement – We will assist in procuring direct sponsorship for various events. These sponsorships help build company/organization recognition by reaching numerous consumers, as well as effectively promote the event itself.

Ethics Research-
Define proper internal/external business policies that the company/organization wants internally for their employees and externally for their public to know about them.

Market Research- We will gather, analyze and interpret information about a market, about a product or service to be offered for sale in that market, and about the past, present and potential customers for the product or service; research into the characteristics, spending habits, location and needs of your business's target market, the industry as a whole, and the particular competitors you face.

KVJINC Production is the creative and innovative independent film, television, web series and commercial production arm of KVJINC. Created to house, nurture and promote our independent film, television, web series and commercial ideas. We have expanded to producing, directing and writing for other artist.